Introduction of The Latest News Letter

The topic of this issue of “Knight of the Immaculata” is the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At Fatima Our Lady revealed to the world her Immaculate Heart and presented the devotion to her Immaculate Heart as the remedy for all evils in our times. She also revealed what this devotion

The Meekness of the Virgin

Bernadette was also impressed by the fact that the lady did not use the informal form of address _(tu)_, but the polite form _(vous)_. The humble virgin appeared to a humble girl and treated her with dignity.


Mary meets her Divine Son carrying His Cross to Calvary.   FIRST POINT. When sentence of death had been passed, by  the unjust Pontius Pilate, upon Jesus Christ, St. John, together with several other Apostles, hastened to make known to Mary the lamentable tidings. From the lips of these she learned the time of her

Hail Mary Gold! The Immaculate Heart of Mary

August 22nd St. John Damascene(4) says that the earthly paradise, Noe’s ark, the burning bush, the Tables of the Law, the Ark of the Covenant, the golden vessel containing the manna, the golden candlesticks in the Tabernacle, the table with the loaves of proposition, Aaron’s rod, the furnace of Babylon, were all figures of the

Contemplating The Admirable Heart Of Mary

JESUS CHRIST, the Only-Begotten Son of God, chose the incomparable Virgin Mary from among all creatures to be His Mother and deigned to be nourished and governed by her, In His infinite goodness He also gave her to us to be our Queen, our Mother and our sure Refuge in all our needs. He therefore

First Saturday Meditation:The Incarnation

At the bidding of the divine will the holy Gabriel presented himself at the foot of the throne intent upon the immutable essence of the Most High. His Majesty then expressly charged him with the message,which he was to bring to the most holy Mary and instructed him in the very words with which he

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