The Practice of The Devotion to the immaculate Heart of Mary . The only Sure way To The Sacred Heart

Saturdays are traditionally dedicated to Our Lady. Since the beginning of Christianity, the Church has considered Saturdays to be dedicated to intensifying our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our mother.

Contemplating The Admirable Heart Of Mary

JESUS CHRIST, the Only-Begotten Son of God, chose the incomparable Virgin Mary from among all creatures to be His Mother and deigned to be nourished and governed by her, In His infinite goodness He also gave her to us to be our Queen, our

First Saturday Meditation:The Incarnation

At the bidding of the divine will the holy Gabriel presented himself at the foot of the throne intent upon the immutable essence of the Most High. His Majesty then expressly charged him with the message,which he was to bring to the most holy


  SECOND POINT. After the solemn celebration of the Pasch, Joseph and Mary returned home, each by a different route, and with a different party. But Jesus, alas! Remained behind. When they arrived at the place at which they were to meet, the distance

The Third Sword of Sorrow I

ON THE THIRD DOLOUR OF MARY. Mary loses Jesus for Three Days. FIRST POINT. It has been said by many learned and pious writers that the third Dolour of the Blessed Virgin surpassed in intensity all her preceding sorrows; and no doubt they had

Latest Newsletter from Our National Director : Father Karl

Fr. Director’s Letter No. 10 Dear Knights of the Immaculata! In order to understand St. Maximilian Kolbe correctly, one must go back to the most important sources that have shaped and inspired his inner life: the history of his country, completely marked by the

Two new books in M.I. Library

  Book “Mary, My Mother” In foreword of book “Mary, My Mother” Fr. Joseph Schryvers wrote: “Many saints and scholars devoted to the Blessed Virgin have proclaimed her praises, described her privileges, and celebrated her grandeurs.

MI Badges worn in New Zealand Schools

The badge of the M.I. in New Zealand’s schools In New Zealand, Knights have made up an insignia lapel pin for members of the Militia Immaculatae. The pins are worn by all the pupils of the high schools (boys and girls) who have joined

The Second Sword of Sorrow

On The Second Dolour Of Mary The Flight into Egypt FIRST POINT No sooner was Jesus born than He began to be persecuted by Herod, who then ruled over the Jews. This ambitious prince, hearing that the long expected Messias was come into the

The 7 Last Words of Our Lord And The Power of Mary His holy Mother

As soon as Lucifer and his legions saw Christ take up the Cross on His Sacred Shoulder  they felt an overwhelming urge to flee and cast themselves into Hell

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