The Marian Way to Perfection



Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world through Mary, even though He could have so differently. He could have come as a grown man, like Adam. But Our Lord Jesus, out of humility, wanted to become dependent on creatures and give Himself to the world not directly, but through others.

As Christ came to us through Mary, so we, likewise, are supposed to make our way to Him only through Mary and not otherwise. Even though there are various ways to God, this way of which I speak, is the shortest and the safest.

We [as members of the Militia Immaculatae] have chosen precisely this way for ourselves, this way we go, and in this same way we want to bring all people to Jesus Christ. The motto of the Militia Immaculatae, which is developing so favorably, is: “Through Mary we must bring each and every one to the Most Holy Heart of Jesus” or in other words: “The Immaculate must become the Queen of all souls and every single soul.” And indeed, as far as the conversion of souls is concerned, it is only through Mary that we can accomplish this. God, in His immeasurable goodness, made the Mother the Most Holy Treasurer of His graces, and He pours them over the world exclusively through Her. It is fitting then that we ask God for graces always through the intercession and mediation of Mary. When some man wants to appear in front of a president or some other high official, he does not just go by himself, but he always takes with him some intermediary. How much more fitting it is for us always to address God through Mary and with Mary. The saints who became saints in a very short time were all ardent devotees of Mary. Likewise we, though a hundred times poorer in spiritual goods from them, should always march along the path of perfection with Mary.

It may appear to us, that we have progressed significantly in perfection, but, when we think more deeply about that, we will see, with the help of God’s grace, how many imperfections and faults we still have. When we look at the air, it appears clean to us, but how many specks of dust we will see when a beam of sunlight shines through the chink. Likewise our soul, the more it is enlightened with the grace of God, the more it sees its imperfections and their great number. It is good to make frequent examination of conscience in order to purify oneself from these imperfections. For even if they were very many, if the soul notices them and regrets them and apologizes for them to the Immaculate, everything is all right and very well, but if the soul sees them and does not react, then it is much worse. And one has to fear negligence.

Everyone of us has debts towards God, and if it came to the accounting according to justice, the scale would be greatly tilted in our disfavor. But when we give ourselves totally to the Immaculate, she will put Her merits and her Hand on the other scale, and we can be assured that now the scale will tilt in great measure in our favor. The Immaculate will cover us with Her mantle against the justice of God.

Christian perfection consists in uniting our will to the will of God. Now, the will of the Immaculate is so closely united to the will of God, that it appears as if it were one will. When we talk about fulfilling the will of God, we can easily say that we are fulfilling the will of the Immaculate. In doing so we do not take glory away from God, but, on the contrary, we add to it, because in doing so, we bring forth the perfection of Mary as the most perfect creature of God and the total union of Her will with the will of God. Therefore, do not be afraid, Dear Brothers, to speak about the will of the Immaculate, because it is the same will as the will of God.

What else should I talk to you about? I wish that you all fulfill the will of the Immaculate even more precisely and zealously and love Her most ardently. By doing so we all will render the most glory to God, progress greatly in perfection, and gain the greatest number of souls for Jesus Christ through the Immaculate.

Niepokalanów (City of the Immaculate), Tuesday, 30.05.1933