For Those Who Believe No Explaination Is Necessary,For Those Who Do Not Believe No Explaination Is Possible!

Our Lady Told Saint Bernadette. “Je suis l’Immaculée Conception(I am the Immaculate Conception).

An answer to The Question :“Quae est ista?”

“The angels often ask one another “Who can she possibly be? (Canticle 3:6; 8:5). For the Most-High kept her concealed from them. Or if He did reveal anything to them,it was nothing compared to what He withheld.”

Again and again we hear from the mouths of the Saints the astonished cry: “Who are you, O Immaculata?” Mortal man is speechless before the countless miracles and mysteries that have their origin in her. She stands there alone in her perfection and power as God’s masterpiece. The Church praises her prerogatives and wants us to honor her more than all the angels and Saints (hyperdulia).

When a woman is espoused , she derives great joy in being called the name of her husband.

Our Lady Who is the Spouse of the Holy Ghost, has, so to say rights to HIS NAME, HE is the only IMMACULATE and since she was conceived of the Most Holy Ghost,( one cannot be possessed by God and used by Him without expressly giving of himself or herself ,body,soul and Will to God). our Lady had a total UNION with GOD………

On the morning of February 11th , 1858, the poor family did not even have firewood to heat their home. Bernadette, her younger sister, and a friend were searching for timbers to burn when they spotted a pile of driftwood at a bend in the River Gave.
As she prepared to cross a shallow brook to reach the spot, Bernadette’s life was about to change forever.


Thursday, February 11, 1858. On this cold but calm morning, Bernadette hears a noise like a gust of wind. In a grotto near the River Gave, she sees a golden cloud in which a beautiful young Woman appears, dressed in white and holding a Rosary, and smiling most graciously toward the little visionary. Falling to her knees, Bernadette, being afraid, tries to pray the Rosary but fails to make the Sign of the Cross until the Lady makes it first. When Bernadette makes the Sign of the Cross, all fear leaves her.  She prays the Rosary with the mysterious Lady, who moves the beads with Bernadette but only prays when the Glory Be is said, always bowing Her head.

Bernadette later describes the Lady: “She was wearing a white dress reaching down to her feet, of which only the toes appeared.
The dress was gathered very high at the neck by a hem from which hung a white cord. A white veil covered her head and came down over her shoulders and arms almost to the bottom of her dress. On each foot I saw a
yellow rose. The sash of the dress was blue, and hung down below her knees.

The chain of the Rosary was yellow, the beads white, big and widely spaced. The girl was alive, very young and surrounded with light.” Let us always make the Sign of the Cross with great devotion.

SECOND APPARITION: Sunday before Lent, February 14. After attending High Mass, Bernadette returns to the Grotto with friends. After praying one decade of the Rosary, she again sees the young Lady. Bernadette sprinkles Her with holy water, asking to remain if She came from God, otherwise go away. The Lady smiles and bends Her head. Bernadette then falls into a deep rapture. Not knowing about the nature of such ecstasies, the children panic. The local miller comes to help Bernadette leave the place, testifying later: “She was smiling and her face was lovely, lovelier than anything I’ve ever seen.”

Only after she is taken from the grotto to the miller’s home does Bernadette return to normalcy. Let us always test the spirits to see if they
are of God.